ICMCS'99 Demo Session

JPEG2000, the Next Millennium Compression Standard for Still Images

NOTE: This demonstration is based on an old experimental version of JPEG2000 (of Feb-1998). The results are significantly different from the ones obtained with the final version of JPEG2000. An up to date Java(TM) implementation of JPEG2000 can be found at http://jj2000.epfl.ch. For more information on JPEG2000 visit http://www.jpeg.org.

This applet demonstrates some of the aspects of the NexImage decoder and the compression used. This decoder uses bitstreams generated by the Verification Model (VM) version 3.1B.

Select the type of tests you want to try out, and then select the encoded image from the list. You can also change the decoding rate and/or scale. Please keep in mind that for resolution progressive tests the rate and scale are interdependant. Specifying a scale will force the decoded image to that scale, even if the rate naturally limits the resolution to a lower one.

Also check the example JPEG baseline encoded images at different bitrates for comparison.

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