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JPEG 2000 image coding standard

This course was given by Dr. Majid Rabbani and myself at the 2001 International Conference in Image Processing (ICIP), Thessaloniki, Greece, October 11, 2001.


The ISO JPEG committee has nearly completed the development of a new still-image compression standard, referred to as JPEG 2000, which will be issued in 6 parts. Part 1 of the standard, which defines a baseline codec, was issued as an International Standard in December of 2000 and is expected to appear in a diverse set of products by the end of this year. Other parts are at different stages of development. JPEG 2000 is based on embedded wavelet coding and provides the potential for numerous advantages over the existing JPEG standard. Performance gains include improved compression efficiency at low bit rates or for large images, while new functionalities include multi-resolution representation, scalability and embedded bit stream architecture, lossy to lossless progression, region-of-interest (ROI) coding, error resilience, idempotency to multiple compression cycles, and a rich file format. In this course, the technical details of the JPEG 2000 Part 1 algorithm and syntax are reviewed extensively. These include pre-processing, wavelet transform, quantization, entropy coding (tier-1 coding) and bit-stream organization (tier-2 coding). Also, some of the JPEG 2000 advanced features such as region of interest, error resilience, Part 2 extensions, and file format are briefly discussed. Finally, a comprehensive comparison of the performance of JPEG 2000 to that of the other existing standards is provided. All technical discussions are supplemented by numerous image examples.

Course notes and bibliography

The course notes, with the bibliography, are available as a PDF file for download. Size 10.7 MB. Requires Adobe Acrobat 4.x or later.

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